Petition for Emergency Mandamus Order
Letter to Justice Alito
Letter to opposing Counselors.
Supporting Exhibits
Required Order Exhibits

Communictions Act of 1934

Docket 97 (20 pages)
(1934_p8, , 1934 p90)
(AOL,Ask, Bing, Yahoo)
Docket 125 (11 pages)
(Google-Oops, Google-Oops2)
Docket 126 (8 pages)
Peven Penis ,Berne
8th Circuit Extention
of time to reply

( 1 page)
Supreme Court Clerk Response
Amended Petition for Writ of Mandamus
Second letter to opposing counselors.
Ex. Not Us (3 pages)

The separate envelopes sent, but it in one FedEx box not sufficiently labeled.

I thought they were aware the two would both be in the same box but were EXTREMELY different.
Close only counts in horse-shoes and hand-grenades. Oops!

Take TWO
Re-filed Amended Petition for Writ of Mandamus  
Letter to Justice Alito B  
Letter to Opposing Counsel III  
Docket for 10-6240
Supreme Court Docket
Letter to Opposing Counsel Google Inc  
Letter to Opposing Counsel Network Solutions  
Letter to Opposing Counsel NameMedia Inc  
Letter to Opposing Counsel Attorney General  
Letter to Opposing Counsel FCC  
Filed Opposition to (GOOG FCC 10-25 comment) (SEE)  
Supplemental Brief Supporting Petition for a Writ of Mandamus

October 29 Supreme court Conference.

PDF above or HTML below.

10-6240 tssb HTML

Twelve pages above should make the FCC regulate content of wire communication
as was required since 1934 but ignored so pornography could make Google et al rich.