Curtis Neeley

Curtis is sick of photographers and collectors trying to make people think a photo is good or collectible because it was sold for a lot.

If you aren't, -Leave now.

Curtis was declared an incompetent in court once due to a severe brain injury.

Many collectors, however, prove their lack of aesthetics when they try buy works most feel are inferior to Curtis' for more than ALL his would cost. Mr Neeley links to one particular example HERE by a woman who has never worked or needed to. She at least has done more for American art preservation than anyone in the world. See Crystal Bridges done almost entirely by Ms. Walton

Curtis has been published in both galleries and books. Who cares?
You either like his art or you don't!



Curtis Neeley does not particularly care if you like his photo art. He enjoy sharing his art and does his art because he enjoys it. He does it whether anyone else enjoys it or not. This area was created to share his vision and promote his art. His brain injury, paralysis, and intellectual loss prevent him from doing it too effectively.

If you need to see a list of galleries or museums that think an artist is good to decide to buy them, Mr Neeley does not want you as a collector!

He welcomes galleries to contact him! Why is it usually the other way around?
Gallery curators may contact Curtis using the feedback form from here.

The complicated return is shown HERE.

There is a guarantee that accompanies each signed Curtis Neeley piece.
Curtis signs and fingerprints ONLY ONE!

He guarantees that he or Curtis Neeley Foundation will return the complicated return shown above.
No less than 50% ever and 200% if owned for fifteen years.
There are of course conditions but nothing too hard.

Anyone wanting to return a photo or book to him that he signed will get the guarantee. No questions asked.


He values his artwork infinitely, but offers it at the prices you see to the public. Galleries may offer less and he may or may not accept it. A severe brain injury in 2002 caused his life to be completely altered forever. Most are irritated by the self-centered attitude he has. The goal of this website is to present the art he chose to sell from his lifetime of photography.