Very early, photography made an impact on Curtis Neeley's life. His father worked for Eastman Kodak - and some years the Christmas party included a multi-projector travel slide show. Growing up in the small town of Batesville, Arkansas - it was amazing for him to see such well executed images from all around the world. Seeing all there enthralled with those photos, he recognized the power of visual communication and wanted to harness that power.

    Curtis Neeley read everything about photography he could get his hands on. He soon realized photography is expensive and everyone wants to do it. He turned to a 'normal' profession and went to school to become a Mechanical Engineer. Curtis Neeley
worked at TRW Vehicle Safety Systems - the world's largest manufacturer of seatbelt systems - and soon learned mechanical engineering was not for him.

    The USMC will change you.  If you have not been there - Curtis won't try to describe it for you. If you have - there is no need to.  While stationed in Okinawa, Japan, Curtis returned to his first love - got his first 'good' camera, and says he probably financed a Fuji film plant learning the ropes.

enrolled in NYI's photography course. He learned a lot that year. By the year's end he shot cover assignments for "Okinawa Today". He contributed to "Stars and Stripes", as well as working as a staff photographer on the USO "Exploring Okinawa" tour guide. He spent a lot of time behind the camera that year {1991}. Curtis made a lot of mistakes then and a lot of progress.

    You can read a scanned letter he sent home to his brothers from Japan in 1991.  The letter mentions some goals he accomplished and some he may never. One thing he mentions in the letter is a photo book. The book was completed in around seventeen short years in Nov. 2008.



    Curtis Neeley studied mechanical engineering, mathematics and music, at the Univeristy of Arkansas, he studied  law while stationed in Okinawa in a class given by the University of Maryland. He also studied advanced telecommunications electronics for two years with Uncle Sam and commecial truck driving at Arkansas State University. Curtis began studying commercial photography via correspondence from New York Institute of Photography in 1991 and completed the three-year course after thirteen years in 2004.

   Curtis doesn't know that he uses any of this education but may use all of it. Regardles; He misplaced his whole past due to his severe traumatic brain injury. (TBI)

   Curtis Neeley now lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas and is glad much of his photography remains so that his Grandaughter can eventually enjoy it!


Curtis J. Neeley Jr., MFA has severe brain damage and was once declared an incompetent by the court. Curtis Neeley was once not even his own 'legal' guardian. His second wife cared for him for about three years after his wreck. After five years and ten months, his second wife and Curtis decided that she and  the new Curtis should live separately. Curtis appreciates her but can't remember why they wed. If they just met, they would probably not even talk.

The Curtis the second spouse married died in the wrecked car you see above. Curtis Neeley's photography and lifetime of published professional photography surpass the education and portfolio of Michael Peven who teaches photography as the tenured pornographer at the UofA. This absurd fact is why Curtis Neeley writes MFA after his name and thereby attempts to return some dignity to the three letters generally thought to mean Master in Fine Art from some accredited University. No school in the United States is capable of doing this yet while teaching that nudity is sometimes acceptable if used in art.

Curtis proves himself 'incompetent' every few days via email. Join the club.

Curtis Neeley was once a professional commercial photographer Now, he is a professional nothing!
Read the sad details of how it happened HERE.